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Water Damage Restoration


Restoration Aid is a certified water damage restoration company. We specialize in commercial and residential water damage flood cleanup and flood restoration in the Toronto area. Our fast emergency response time and 24 hour service ensures we are able to assist our customers quickly with their water damage.  This is of paramount importance when dealing with a water damage situation in order to prevent secondary damage such as mold growth.  These negative secondary problems can begin within 48 hours of a water damage incident and can cause serious long-term health and structural problems. 


When dealing with water damage, time is of the essence and emergency response plays a crucial role in minimizing financial loss and health risks.


Whether you have a flooded basement, water damage in ceiling and walls, sewer backup, broken pipes, basement leak or any other type of water damage Restoration Aid can help. The majority of property damage cases in the GTA are caused by water. Our professional team has many years of experience and has seen every type of water damage imaginable, on a scale ranging from single dwelling homes to large commercial buildings.  We know how to keep your contents safe and maintain the structural integrity of your building.  Once on site, our team will assess the leak to determine the cause, the extent of the damage and immediately commence mitigating and minimizing the impact of the water damage on your property.


Restoration Aid is a leading Toronto company in the water damage repair and restoration industry.  With four consecutive years as Consumer Choice Awards winners in the GTA we let our work speak for itself.


Our professional team of first responders is comprised of project managers and technicians who are able to respond to any flood damage within an hour, efficiently and effectively minimizing the impact of the water damage.  This in turn reduces business interruption, secondary damage and helps manage the cost for our clients.


Restoration Aid Water Damage Services Include:


  • 24 Hours emergency response

  • Assessing flood damage

  • Water extraction

  • Xactimate estimates, T&M estimates and direct insurance billing

  • Drying and dehumidifying moisture damage

  • Structural drying techniques

  • Removal of property

  • Storage services

  • Complete sanitation work

  • Odor control

  • Complete damage repair - reconstruction & remodel

  • Direct billing to insurance


Every water damage situation is unique and so we at Restoration Aid design a custom made project flow to meet your specific needs. During the assessment process we evaluate three criteria:


  • Scope of Property Damage

  • Degree of Contamination

  • Replacement Cost vs. Restoration Cost


Beginning with a professional assessment of the flood damage and project scope we use state of the art thermo-imaging cameras, moisture meters, and leak detection equipment to identify and isolate the water damaged areas. This has two major benefits. 1) It ensure no water damaged areas are missed, thus preventing secondary damage such as mold, decay and odor.  2) It prevents unnecessary demolition from occuring or extra equipment use,  keeping the water damage restoration costs to the customer as low as possible.


Once the extent of the water damage has been determined we start working on the restoration process. Restoration Aid uses state of the art commercial drying equipment to help dry your property as fast as possible with as little demolition as possible. Our water extraction machines provide the quickest possible removal of the water. Our refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers are used to achieve the driest air in the shortest amount of time. We use powerful structural drying machines and air movers, strategically placing them to provide high velocity air flow to dry the flooded are. Special air scrubbers are used when needed to insure the highest air quality and a safe and healthy environment.  All of this allows for you to return to your home or business quickly following a water damage situation, and prevents secondary complications


Throughout the water damage restoration process we provide monitoring services, consultation and reports so our customer are fully informed throughout the process.  You as the customer will always be informed regarding the scope of work and the timeline of work being completed.  Our goal is to restore the water damaged area as fast as possible, mitigating the possibility of secondary damage such as mold growth and ensuing your business or home is up and running again as quickly as possible.


In addition to water extraction and structural drying of your property, Restoration Aid will also assist with content restoration. We will help you decide what is the best solution for your contents: packing and indexing of all contents retrieved from your property, or an inventory of all damaged contents for your insurance provider.


We understand having a water damaged or flooded property can be a devastating experience. Over the years Restoration Aid has worked with an enormous variety of water damage problems.  We have the knowledge, the experts, the equipment, and the certifications to meet your needs and make sure you get your property back to normal quickly and professionally.


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