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Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos refers to a family of six naturally occurring thin fibrous crystal shaped minerals based on silicate. These minerals can be used to make long lasting fire-resistant products. Asbestos has many different applications. It is used in drywall and joint compound, cement and plaster, building insulation, ceiling tiles, mud and texture coats, vinyl floor tiles, sheeting, adhesives, roofing tar, fireproofing, industrial and marine gaskets, thermal pipe insulation and more.


























Canada is one of the main producers of natural asbestos in the world, with rich deposits found in Quebec.  Prior to the 1980s Canada’s construction industry was using asbestos primarily for insulating buildings and homes against cold weather and noise. Consequently, the majority of houses built in Canada before the 1980s contain asbestos.


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the medical world became increasing aware of the toxicity and dangers of asbestos exposure. Thankfully, this led to a dramatic decrease in the usage of the mineral in Canada, but it has still not been eliminated completely.


Asbestos poses a serious health risk for people who come into contact with the material, and handling asbestos should be taken very seriously.  Only highly qualified professionally certified companies such as Restoration Aid can perform asbestos related projects.  There are strict guidelines which must be followed when performing asbestos related jobs, particularly when demolition and asbestos removal is involved.


Although exposure to asbestos in the form of fibers is always considered dangerous, asbestos is particularly dangerous when it becomes airborne. This is likely to happen during demolition, renovation, or deterioration of a structure after fire or water damage.


Asbestos has been shown to be negative, long term health consequences and has been classified as a carcinogenic material. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to lung scaring, cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.  If the asbestos in your surroundings is sealed, isolated or left undisturbed there is no significant health risk.  The risk arises when the asbestos containing materials become airborne and is then breathed.  This is likely to occur in the following scenarios:


  • Disturbing or removing insulation that contains asbestos, including insulation around hot water pipes and tanks

  • Removing or disturbing roofing shingles, felt or siding containing asbestos

  • Sanding, breaking apart or scraping vinyl asbestos floor tiles

  • Breaking apart soundproofing ceiling tiles containing asbestos

  • Sanding or disturbing plaster containing asbestos, including acoustical plaster

  • Sawing, drilling or smoothing rough edges of asbestos material

  • Sanding or scraping older surface treatments containing asbestos


Restoration Aid is a fully licensed, certified and insured asbestos removal company.  Restoration Aid’s asbestos removal team is comprised of highly trained asbestos removal project managers and technicians.  Available 24/7, our asbestos team has experience dealing with all aspects of potential asbestos problems, from asbestos testing to complete demolition, asbestos removal and reconstruction.


Anytime Restoration Aid’s asbestos removal team works on an asbestos removal project they follow the strictest regulatory rules and guidelines.  Proper containment units with negative air pressure and constant monitoring are used to prevent asbestos exposure.  All personal handling asbestos or working in an area with asbestos are required to wear specialized personal protective equipment including full face respirator, protective suits, boot covers, and gloves.  Air scrubbing machines with specialized filtration systems are used throughout the asbestos removal process eliminating airborne asbestos particles.  Our team will ensure the safe removal of all asbestos containing materials, which are then disposed of using licensed asbestos waste removal service.  Our team works around the clock and are specifically trained to handle asbestos projects, exceeding the current required standards


Restoration Aid's asbestos removal team is ready to deploy and deliver the best solutions for all your asbestos related project. Don’t expose yourself to risk and liability, contact Restoration Aid with all your asbestos related concerns be it asbestos removal or asbestos testing.  We will provide the best service available on the market today, ensuring the job is done to the highest standards and you can rest easy knowing that your asbestos removal and property restoration is being done properly.


Sources of Asbestos in your house
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